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We will have to break this section down into several parts, so it doesn't take so long to load all the pictures (I know, like it hasn't already! LOL!)

Please keep in mind this whole series of sketches are from a 3-1/2" X 4-1/2" pocket sketchbook!

The first sketch is a headstudy of my pony "Butterscotch".  Next is a generic Quarter Horse.  Third is my sister's horse "Blackjack"

ButterscotchHS.jpg (11044 bytes) QH.jpg (9253 bytes) Blackjack.jpg (10096 bytes)


Here we have what used to be my cat "Pippa" (now she belongs to my mom).  Then my sister's Lab mix "Samantha" (Sam).  Next is a Clydesdale in action, always a beautiful sight!

Pippa.jpg (12321 bytes) Sam.jpg (16734 bytes)  Clydesdale.jpg (9156 bytes)  


The Collie was a small portrait of a friend's, both the lying & standing.  Generic pic of a buck on the end.

LyingCollie.jpg (5845 bytes) StandingCollie.jpg (10305 bytes) Buck.jpg (3738 bytes) 


The always beautiful & peaceful howling wolf, at least in my opinion.  Then a quick sketch of a pinto horse.  Mountain Lions are great animals too, this one is prowling...

WolfHowl2.jpg (9210 bytes) Pinto.jpg (9962 bytes) CougarProwl.jpg (8317 bytes)


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