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These are pictures of a painting I did of a wolf pouncing on a rabbit in the snow, painted in 1994. 

You can see the details better on the closeup, how each hair was painted....

Wolfjump.jpg (5631 bytes) Wolfjumpcloseup.jpg (10641 bytes)



These pictures are of a painting I did of a cougar in the foliage (or Florida Panther in the everglades), in 1993. 

I left the background blurred....     Notice once again the detail in the closeup.

Cougar.jpg (4967 bytes) Cougarcloseup.jpg (11995 bytes)



The picture here is of a painting I did of ducks at a lake's edge, I believe painted in 1994. 

It is quite large, this is a cropped version.  One of my favorite paintings actually.  I was very pleased with the results.

Duckscloseup.jpg (12150 bytes)



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