Poems by Yvonne

2000 by Yvonne Johnson


Eyes blazing

Nostrils flared

Distant gazing

Teeth bared.


Head tossing

Tail held high

Pacing, pacing

Battle cry.


Mustang stallion

Forever free

Even fenced

Free is he.


~Yvonne M. Johnson



How do I forgive

The pain I was put through?

Not wanting to live


Wanting to start anew.


Now I have a better life

Yet I cannot forget.

It always cuts me like a knife

When I remember

The pain that I have met.


As much as I try to change it,

My past affects my present state.

My mind & body has been hurt

Not enough time to mend....

What is my fate?


~Yvonne M.Johnson



I watch my son as he plays,

Getting lost within his own make believe world.

Sometimes totally oblivious

To what is going on around him.


I smile as he runs through the yard,

He giggles as he chases the dog.

So carefree & happy

I let him enjoy that freedom.


He stops to pick at the grass

Like it is some magical thing.

But maybe it is.....

Nature is powerful after all.


He looks up at me,

Runs over to show me what he's found.

So proud, he hands me....

A stone, a dandelion stem, a blade of grass.....


I cherish the moments, though I admit

I get so hung up with the daily grind

Sometimes I forget to stop and enjoy.

Maybe that's what my son is here to remind me......


~Yvonne M. Johnson








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