Our second born

Dakota is an AKC registered Akita. He is a black brindle, which is black with light vertical stripes. He is a very sweet dog, eager to please & intelligent. He loves to be pet & gets excited when we have company. He has a huge rope that he loves to play tug-of-war with, & a Jolly Ball that he loves to toss around. He does not play "fetch" well...he will return the item once, usually he gets bored by the second time you throw the toy! He acts like a cat in some ways- he is usually aloof towards strangers, very clean (licks his paws & will even wash his face with them), stretches like a cat, & pounces on things. He rarely barks, so when he does, we know it's for a reason. He & Raja get along great & love to wrestle! Of course, it is not a fair match...his 95+ pounds against Raja's mere 12!  He is fairly gentle though (more than I can say for the cat- he means business!), & they both enjoy the fun.

Please note: Dakota lives in the house with the family. He is left outside to "do his duty", play, get some fresh air, etc.

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   A bit about Akitas: A large breed native to Japan, Akitas were not only companions, but big game hunters as well (they were used to hunt bear & wild boar!). In addition, they are excellent natural watchdogs- they are very loyal & affectionate to their families & will protect them if threatened, as we have witnessed firsthand. Due to the "aggressive" nature of this breed, however, (unfortunately they were bred for dog fighting at one time), they are not the type of dog for everyone! Proper training is of the utmost importance & they can easily turn on their handler if not treated properly.


Yvonne Johnson

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