Our family's first equine!

Cocoa was a Christmas gift to our son after we moved to a place with land where we could finally have horses. He is about 13hh, so I can ride him too....bonus! We do not know his breeding, but he has the finest silkiest hair /coat & is a very well conformed little guy. I partly credit his nice straight legs to his "late" start in being ridden (certain horse bones grow until around 4 to 5 years & could be affected with riding) - he was 4.5 when we got him & only green broke...turns out that apparently meant a saddle & child, as it seemed he was clueless about cues with legs & bit! He has the idea now, he just needed gentle training & time. I am so proud of his progress. He can be quite a handful, testing his boundaries at every opportunity, but he is immensely better than he was. I work with him regularly on the ground to remind him of the way he needs to behave. He sure is a character! Our other horse, Doctor Bob, deserves some credit to improving Cocoa's attitude too - he puts him in his place all the time!


Take a look at our pretty bay gelding:

Photos from winter 2003

Photos from early spring 2003

Photos from spring 2003

Photos from Summer 2003



Yvonne Johnson

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