We currently have two equines.

Our horses enjoy a more natural lifestyle. They are left at pasture, with grass hay for additional feed during winter, & access to fresh spring water at all times. The barn is left open for shelter, they come & go as they please. Our horses do not wear shoes at any time, they are simply trimmed on a regular basis. This allows the hoof to flex as it was meant to do, naturally reducing the impact on the legs, the frog doing it's intended purpose in aiding circulation, etc. As you can see, they are quite happy & content in their environment!


On this page we have pictures of our horses together.


The first evening together (June 2003):


Cocoa _Bob_1st_night.JPG (53430 bytes)


Summer 2003:


Cocoa and Bob Gallop.JPG (90382 bytes)

Cocoa and Bob Graze Left.JPG (79603 bytes)

Cocoa and Bob Watch cropped.JPG (87871 bytes)


Fall 2003:


Cocoa Lying Bob Guarding Closeup.JPG (57917 bytes)

Cocoa and Bob Lying Down Closeup.JPG (57235 bytes)


They each have a page of their own as well:


Doctor Bob


Yvonne Johnson

Please do not copy or use any images (which includes backgrounds) without written permission from Yvonne Johnson!


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