Doctor Bob

Our family's second equine!

We had been searching for another horse for a few months, preferably for my husband (I would be able to ride his horse, but not necessarily he a horse of mine). Nick needed a big horse & it had to be for a beginner. When I came across the ad for this horse, I knew he was the one! Nick loves Draft horses, & here was one listed as "beginner safe", "bombproof", etc. He also had color to cool! He is not that tall, about 15.2hh (I think he has a bit more to grow though), but he sure has the size we needed. He was only about 4 years old when we got him, but you wouldn't have known it by his actions. He is quiet & laidback. He has an easy-going attitude, very least with people. He helped our son Andrew gain confidence with handling horses, something I am so grateful for. We all can enjoy him both on the ground & on his back. Bob can be very bossy with our pony, but then again, Cocoa can be arrogant & demanding & usually deserves it! They do get along well overall.... It is heartwarming to look out at the pasture & see Cocoa sleeping peacefully while Bob keeps vigil....


Take a look at our handsome strawberry roan tobiano Spotted Draft Horse gelding:

Photos from his first day here

Photos from summer 2003


Yvonne Johnson

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