1999/2000/2001 Yvonne Johnson - please do not copy or use background or images without written permission from Yvonne

"Kickin' It Up"

Traditional Scale Frolicking Colt

Created by Yvonne Johnson in 1999, Designed years previously


A very expressive little guy! Lots of details too. Ears are hollow (with fuzzy texture), has frogs with cleft & bars on all hooves, chestnuts, colt genitalia/other anatomy parts, slightly flared nostrils, whisker follicles/bumps on his muzzle, wrinkles behind his foreleg, more..... His mane & tail are so cute & just "say" Foal! Tack-friendly for those that wish to adorn him with a halter.

Head & tail held high with pride, this adorable lively colt is just out to capture your heart J


Being cast as a limited edition resin. If you would like to reserve your copy now, please email me.


Special thanks to Melissa Gaulding who was the first person to pre-pay in full for her copy of this model & has been very supportive in this whole endeavor. I also want to thank the other kind people that pre-purchased their resins...without you I never would have been able to afford the first payment for casting. I cannot express my appreciation enough for all of your patience & understanding!


I painted my original on Oct 20, 2000 (a rush job!), & showed him in the Model Horse Mania Live Show on Oct 21. Competition was not easy...among other models, his class included *four* awesome "Fabian"  resins (Pamela DeMuth's adorable traditional Arabian colt). However, "KIU"  apparently was not daunted & continued to proudly frolic  in the " show ring" ;o). To my delight, he won first place! His first time out showing & he comes home with a blue ribbon & a NAN qualification card! I am such a proud mommy!

Please come see more of Kickin' It Up (the original painted a beautiful Bay!)

(prior to latest improvements)


Update (Aug. 2001): There were still some things I wanted to tweak, but this colt was sculpted with epoxy & it was becoming very frustrating working with the cured medium. Earlier this year, I decided the best way to make the further refinements I desired was to have a "waste mold" done of Kickin' It Up. Once I received a few resins from the mold, I worked on one until I was satisfied with the results. KIU now has new more delicate ears with nearly invisible wrinkles, more eye & face detail, wrinkles by his throat, definition to his flanks & spine, better hooves & frogs etc, & smoothed overall....

First 4 images are direct scans, remaining images are still-shots via camcorder. Hold your mouse pointer over the pix for info:

Prototype, left side scan

Prototype, right side scan

Prototype, right headstudy scan

Prototype, left headstudy scan

Prototype, right headstudy

Prototype, left headstudy

Prototype, front headstudy

Prototype, front

Prototype, right flank

Prototype, left flank

Prototype, back

Prototype, hoof detail

Prototype, front hooves

Prototype, rear hooves

Old close-up camcorder images of his tail (no big changes were made): 

Original, left sideTail

Original, right sideTail


Kickin' It Up is scheduled to be cast in August/September 2001!


Update (Oct. 2001): The first batch of resins are on their way to me now!

These will have a custom box that can be used to safely transport & store the resin. You can quickly & conveniently pack your KIU for shows etc.


Feel free to Email me with comments or to reserve your copy!


Don't forget to check out my Customs page to see examples of my quality paint jobs too!


Policies: None of Yvonne's resins are to be changed in any way by anyone else. Painted pieces must not be repainted, altered, etc. Unfinished pieces must not be altered (no repositioning etc).  


1999/2000/2001 Yvonne Johnson - please do not copy or use background or images without written permission from Yvonne!

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