Completed Customs

by Yvonne M. Johnson


In addition to attractive paint jobs using only high quality materials, all " repaints" include: 

Removing any mold stamps/marks & seams ; carving & shaping ears, hooves, ALL frogs (not just lifted feet!)  with clefts, heels, other details ; adding chestnuts (where applicable) ; correct anatomy (all gender parts, etc.) ; sanding ; primer basecoat; high glossed & realistically detailed eyes, & often lightly glossed & detailed inner nostrils ; acrylic clear coat protection ; matte or satin finishing spray (glossy upon request) . And often more- whatever I feel that particular model "needs" . Also, each one of my customs is physically signed & dated (yes, even stablemate foals!) & comes with it's own signed Certificate of Authenticity (suitable for framing), describing the model in detail.

On top of that, I also can remake. From minor alterations such as tucking a head, to more extensive work like sculpting new manes & tails, to major changes including total repositioning!

I will take limited custom orders!!!

Just let me know what you are looking at getting done (I take into account color, mold/model, extra requests, etc - basically actual expected work involved) & I will give you an estimate, or maybe we can work out a trade.


It is hard for me to sell models once I already have customized them. What can I say, I get attached!  Models I begin for someone in particular, from the beginning, to their specifications, are still difficult to say good-bye to after spending so much time getting them just right, but I know the whole time I am working on them that they will not be mine.  So if you are interested in any pictured (that are owned by myself), maybe I can part with it.  If not, I can possibly make one similar for you!   Enjoy!


Policies: In obtaining a custom/repaint/remake/resin of mine, you agree not to alter it in any way. Please do not add markings or repaint it etc. I work hard on my models & wish them to remain as I created them. Thank you for understanding!   Also, for any custom request orders placed (i.e. portrait models etc), please note that if you should decide to change your mind or your end is not followed through for some reason after I have started your model, I have the right to keep a portion of your payment as a penalty if I see fit. This is to act as a deterrent. Thank you!


[Note: We are a non-smoking home!]


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You may choose how you want to navigate to see my custom models: by color or chronologically.

(Please do not copy or use any images without written permission from Yvonne Johnson!)

Year Completed:  (recently updated) Color:  (needs updating)
1997 Appaloosa
1998 Bay/Brown
1999 Black
2000 Chestnut/Sorrel
2001 NEW! Other Colors
2002 NEW! Other Work
2003 NEW! Paint/Pinto

Note: Unfortunately, some initial pictures were snapshots from a camcorder - they do not do the color & detail any justice!

Some of the more recent customs may now have direct scans in place of camcorder pix.

I have added some photos. They are linked from each custom model page (once you click on the initial single pic that takes you to some more pix, there is a link to photos).


Thanks for stopping by! Please check in again later, to see what new things I have done J




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