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Yvonne's Pages:

*UPDATED* Model Horse/Animal Sales List *UPDATED*

(Pix of most to be linked from list)

Extensive Breyer Model Want List

(I do mean *extensive*, not actively seeking all these!)


(Warning: *lots* of pix! Worth it though...)


(Models made by me & cast in resin, or will be...)

Model Horse Show Results

(Personal results of some shows entered. Pix too!)

Yvonne's Art

(Drawings, paintings, etc. Lots of Pix!)

Pets left behind temporarily

(Pony, Chinchilla...)

Do you know these people?!

(Help me find some long-lost friends!)

Poems by Yvonne

(Self explanatory! Another way to express myself...)

Nick's Pages:

World of Hockey

Nick's Miscellaneous Stuff


Our Pages:

  Pictures of our Pets


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